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Factors to consider when buying rugs

Choosing the Right Rug: A Guide with Top Interior Designers in Kasaragod and Mangalore

Rugs play an integral part in rendering an aesthetic look to your rooms. Be it the living room, dining room, bedrooms, or kitchen, rugs have a major role in enhancing your rooms. So when you get rugs for your various rooms, you have to consider several factors like their shape, size, material, style, pile, etc… Given below are some of the factors to consider when you buy rugs.

Size and shape

When you choose rugs for each room of your house one of the major factors to be aware of is its size and shape. It is necessary to select the rug of the right size and shape that suits the specific room. You need to make sure there is enough floor visible between the rug and the wall and also the rug shouldn’t be too small either. You also have to make sure that the rug reaches all four feet of all the furniture. So when you get rugs. Make sure you’ve got the right size and shape.

Materials and style

Material and style are other inevitable factors that have to be considered when you buy rugs. Even sometimes material of the rug is the factor that constitutes style. Materials like natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and artificial silk are some of the types of materials available for rugs. You have to make sure you choose the material wisely. Also, the styles available for rugs are bohemian, traditional, contemporary, and natural.


The ‘pile’ of a rug is referred to as its thickness or density. The density of rugs that are rougher will always be higher than the density of rugs designed intricately. There are low-pile rugs and high-pile rugs. Low pile rugs have shorter fibers and loops making them
suitable for rooms like the kitchen where traffic is high. While high-pile loops have longer and looser fibers making them ideal for rooms like bedrooms or living rooms.

Care and cleaning

When you have a rug at home it is inevitable that your rugs get dusty and soiled. When you use it for various purposes in different rooms for a long time, rugs will be soiled. So the maintenance or caring and cleaning of a rug is an important factor to consider when you buy rugs for your rooms. Be thoughtful to buy rugs that are convenient for you to clean and maintain.

Getting a rug pad

After successfully getting a rug for the rooms, the next step is to ensure the durability of the rug. For that, you have to get a rug pad. A rug pad not only protects you from slipping but also prevents dents by cushioning heavy furniture and any damage to the floor. For high traffic rooms like the kitchen, rugs with solid grip and suggested and for rooms like bedrooms or living rooms, a cushioned rug pad is preferred as it contributes an extra layer of plush comfort.

The above given are some of the factors that should be kept in mind when you buy rugs for each room. As rugs have an inevitable role in the aesthetic look of your rooms, each factor given has equal importance in opting for the right rug. You have to consider each of the factors to ensure that you apply the right rugs to your home. We, Woodmax Interiors, are one of the leading interior designers in Mangalore and Kasaragod. Reach us for the solutions to all your interior designing concerns.

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