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Interior Design Services

Woodmax- The Best Interior Designers in Mangalore

Top Interior Designers in Mangalore & Kasaragod: Transform Your Space

Woodmax Interiors, the Top interior designers in Mangalore and Kasaragod, provides every kind of interior design service in Mangalore. We offer interior design services for both residential and commercial interior design. In addition, we are providing space planning services, color consultation services, furniture selection and customization services, lighting design, and kitchen and bathroom design services. Moreover, we help our clients with material selection and assist them to purchase accessories and styling the ambient place. Additionally, we are 100 percent efficient in project management, thus we can go above our client’s expectations.


Woodmax Interiors, as the Top interior designers in Mangalore, has expert and experienced interior designers. So we can provide an immensity of interior design that is beyond the expectations of our clients. Therefore, we are renowned as Mangalore’s finest interior designer. Moreover, we are the innovators of new interior design trends in Mangalore. We bring new ideas to interior design in Mangalore through the various services that we provide.

Premier Mangalore Interior Designers: Masterful Space Planning

Elevate your space with expert space planning by Woodmax Interiors, one of the top interior designers in Mangalore. Our extraordinary planning of each inch of the space and our functional layouts blend style and functionality. Moreover, we make a minimalist interior design that provides maximum storage space, so it helps to integrate the furniture placement seamlessly with the interiors. Trust the Woodmax interior designers in Mangalore for unparalleled space planning.

Mangalore's Design Masters: Unleashing Interior Brilliance

Ignite your space with the transformative touch of Woodmax, the professional interior designers in Mangalore. Step into a realm where creativity knows no bounds and every corner becomes a masterpiece. Our experienced designers in Mangalore will help you make the space enchanting. Whether you want custom, commercial, or residential interior design, trust Woodmax, the contemporary interior designers in Mangalore, to give you the ambient design you need.

3D Design Redefined: Unleashing Interior Excellence in Mangalore

Before you step inside, envision your dream home! Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we create stunning interior concepts in 3D that provide a realistic preview of your finished residence. Our team of highly skilled and top interior designers in Mangalore & Kasaragod transforms your vision into a tangible reality. No need to think twice, if you are looking for fully packed interior designing services in Mangalore, Woodmax Interiors is the right choice for you.

Mangalore's Renovation Magicians: Transform Your Home

Our services revolve around the improvement and remodeling of damaged areas in commercial buildings or houses. Refacing elements can completely transform the look of your room. At Woodmax Interiors, a contemporary & innovative home interior designer in Mangalore, we prioritize quality. Moreover, We actively choose to utilize only the best materials and finishes in all our interior projects, and we assure you a quality service that is beyond your expectation.