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Three framed abstract canvas paintings featuring simple and modern designs, ideal for enhancing home decor. The paintings are in varying sizes and are displayed together on a wall.

Enhance your interior design projects with amazing Art pieces

Transform Your Space with Stunning Artworks: Expert Recommendations from Leading Interior Designers in Kasaragod and Mangalore

As it is widely said, art breathes life into the walls. Don’t you believe so? We, at Woodmax Interiors, your favorite interior designers in Kasaragod and Mangalore do believe so. Even if it is small, even if it is simple, an artwork can depart an aesthetic life into your walls. Everyone wants their walls to be filled with something of aesthetic elegance and values. Nobody wants their walls to look bare. So, why not give some life to your walls using fantastic art pieces. It is commonly an afterthought when it comes to choosing artwork in interior designs. But with perfect and thoughtful selection, art can turn your walls into a space projecting personality and values. And also, in the contemporary world, users are more likely to notice art in public environments or on house walls than in traditional art spaces. So art plays a major role in decorating your walls. Please go through the blog by Woodmax Interiors, the leading interior designer in Mangalore. Find some attractive art or designs by various design professionals and know some of the factors to consider when selecting them for your walls.

● Joanna Plant Interiors
● Peter Pennoyer Architects
● Liz Caan & Co
● Salvesen Graham
● Kitesgrove
● Douglas Mackie Design
● Octavia Dickinson
● Wickenden Hutley
● Johnston Parke Interiors
● Studio Ashby
● Alidad
● Turner Pocock
● Carden Cunietti

These are some of the amazing arts and designs by various design professionals that can help you to decorate your walls. Now steep into some of the factors to consider when you select art pieces for your walls.

Try to consider the already existing palette

It is totally common that there might be an already existing design or colour palette present on your room walls. Or there might be an already existing theme in the whole bedroom. So you can’t just change the whole theme or the colour palette of the room just to match the art. It is essential to stick with the already existing colour palettes or themes, by also opting an attractive art. With leading interior designers in Kasaragod and Mangalore , Woodmax Interiors, by your side, it is a cakewalk to find solutions for your such concerns and bring elegance to your home walls.

Understand space planning and organization

Understanding your space planning is an essential factor to consider when opting for art pieces for your walls. The arrangement of things and the overall organizing of the available spaces are an integral part of the process. You need to have a clear idea and understanding of how things will be arranged or organized in your home. You also need to take a stock of the total number of art, their size, and their location where they will be kept to prepare an effective design for your home walls. It will give you a clear idea to organize those art pieces. Art is to feel and to breathe in. So you have to give enough space in front for people to stand back and enjoy it as well.

Embrace mood and lighting

Art is something that makes you feel, something to take in with every essence of it. Most of the time people intend to create a mood throughout the whole room. The lighting, the art, colours, furniture, and everything will be installed to establish a mood; sometimes calm, sometimes love, etc. Interior designers in Mangalore like ourselves design the rooms in a way appealing to our clients and sticking to their requirements; whether it is mood generating or for any other purposes. So when you select art for the walls you also need to keep in mind the total essence of your room.

Size of the piece and its way of hanging

As you can understand, the size of the art piece is a decisive factor in selecting an art piece. You don’t want your art to look too small on a huge wall or too big on a small wall either. The size of the piece does matter as it can affect the overall look of the wall. So selecting the right size is something to be given proper attention. Along with the size, the way it is hung also plays a part. You have to hang the pieces at the right height. You don’t want your art piece to be hung too high or too slow.

We have discussed above different art pieces or designs and the factors that should be considered when you get art pieces for your walls. Art can bring life to your walls and enhance the overall look. Getting the right interiors and installing the right furniture and art is the key to creating the room of your dreams. Woodmax Interiors, your favourite interior designers in Kasaragod are your perfect choice to build your dream home. Reach us for more enquiries.

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