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Interior Design Trends 2022

2022 Interior Design Trends: Insights from Top Kasaragod Designers

You must’ve had your home interiors designed finely to give it classy and aesthetic attire. They beautify your home and make you feel at home. Interiors play a vital role in making your home look attractive and eye-catching. So keeping your interior designs updated and following the trends is necessary to make your home in line with modern home interiors. Here are some interior design trends of 2022 for you to catch up with and make your home even more beautiful.

Brown shades and tones


Nature never fails to deliver more than enough inspiration for your home interiors. Natural tones always provide an aesthetic and classy touch to your homes. So applying brownish shades and tones that complement the color of nature has always been and still is one of the most preferred design trends. They open up a long line of possibilities.

Multi-functional rooms or spaces

Utilizing your rooms and spaces to the fullest is always highly preferential. Single-purpose rooms are an outdated thing now. Today the setting up of rooms and spaces is taking a stride towards dual-functionality. They offer you versatility and effectiveness. Woodmax Interiors, one of the best interior designers in Mangalore and Kasaragod can design you the best interiors utilizing the entire space.

Bold patterns and colors

It’s 2022 and it’s time to spread colors through your home. It’s up to you to decide what color and how much of it. If you are all into adding bold colors to your home, it is suggested to go creative and mix and match colors, and patterns against each other. It also gives a vintage accent to your home interiors.


As we discussed earlier nature provides limitless opportunities for your interiors. They constitute aesthetic attire. So using nature-inspired surfaces and objects offer exquisite looks and welcomes nature to your home. They also give a constant impression of sticking to nature for
the visitors. We, Woodmax Interiors, the best interior designers in Mangalore and Kasaragod will find you the best combination of nature-inspired objects and surfaces.

High-tech homes

The growth of technology today has even come to an extent that even houses today are turning high-tech. Homeowners are looking for ways to make activities like security, music, temperature, etc.. look easy. They are looking to control everything in a single smartphone. So high-tech homes are becoming a trend in 2022 with many gadgets like self-shading windows, heated floorings, multi-cornered couches, etc.. already making their entry.

Leather furniture

Leather furniture applies a luxurious sight to your homes. It is an attractive fabric for bedrooms and living spaces. It is up to you to decide whether your leather furniture holds a natural color or bold color, with either of them providing a welcoming sensation. It is now, in 2022, turning a trend in interior designs. There are a lot of interior designers in Mangalore and Kasaragod who can find you the best combination of leather furniture to make your home even more beautiful. Now that we have given ample ideas about interior design trends for 2022, it is up to you to decide on it. Reach out to Woodmax, interior designers in Mangalore and Kasaragod to find the
best inputs and give the best of the designs to your home interiors.


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