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Common Interior designing mistakes to avoid in 2022

2022 Interior Design Pitfalls to Avoid with Expert Advice from Top Designers in Kasaragod and Mangalore


When you are setting up a home to feel yourself in, there are a lot of things that have to fall in place to gain perfection. There are a lot of even small aspects to be considered to form your dream home. You have to have the right choice in opting the furniture, lighting, painting, wallpapers, etc. You also have to be careful about aspects like size, height, scale, lighting, etc. But, sometimes knowing what not to do can help you find the right choice. So, here we are going to give you guidance on things that you shouldn’t do while setting interior designs for your home.

Opting for the wrong lighting

Even though it doesn’t seem so, lighting plays a huge part in the interior of your home. So, setting up the wrong lighting can ruin the view of your home interiors. You have to be careful about the lighting being too bright or too dim as it can spoil the total ambiance of your home. So, while setting up the lighting for your home be careful not to choose the wrong lighting. A perfectly projected lighting plan can ensure that you don’t commit any mistakes and make sure that you have the lighting fixed for any task that you want to perform.

Setting the furniture right against the wall


There are a lot of people who commit this mistake of keeping the furniture close to each other or up against the wall. But it has to be noted that keeping the furniture close, although it gives you space, would only make your living rooms or rooms more congested. It will leave a lot of free space without much use. So, the furniture at your home should be given enough space to each other for it to look aesthetic.

Filling up with a lot of stuff

Just like creating space by keeping the furniture close, filling your home with lots of stuff can only ruin its appearance. There has to be enough and optimum space in your home for it to look comfortable and well set up. Filling more stuff would only make your home look
congested and rushed. There has to be space for people to move and walk and feel comfortable in. So, while setting up your rooms, living room, or kitchen, make sure that you don’t bulk up everything.

Hanging curtains too low

Even though it seems not so critical, hanging curtains too low is one of the common mistakes people commit in their interior setting. Windows has to be seen big. But today it is a common practice that curtains are fixed just above the window making the window look small.  It is recommended that curtains are fixed right under the ceiling and are allowed to extend all the way down to make it look more attractive. It is also necessary to ensure that the curtain rods are extended past the window frame to make sure that the window is
completely uncovered when the curtains are open.

Using rugs that are unmatching and are small

Normally, rugs are last on the list of priorities when you decorate your home. But rugs play a vital part in improving the appearance of your home. It is one of the anchors of a room that catches the first attention of people. So choosing rugs of the wrong size will ruin the look of the room. So when you purchase rugs for each concerned room make sure that you have them in the right size. Whether it is for the living room, family room, dining room, or bedrooms, the rug has to be set up in the right size suitable for the concerned room.

Proceeding without a proper budget plan

Budgeting is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to interior design. You need to have a properly formed budget plan to draw the right output from your design plan. Without proper budget planning, there is a high possibility that you spend a lot of money on a thing
and are left without enough money for other things. So you have to make a list of all things you want first and then set a budget for each item so that you can spend money wisely. Even though making a list doesn’t mean that you can do everything included in it, it will provide you with an idea of what to do and how to spend.

Failing to establish a focal point

A focal point is the primary attraction of a room. It is a point where your eyes first catch attention when you enter a room. Large windows or a fireplace are two of the prominent focal points in a normal scenario. But, it can be artwork, a couch, or any furniture items as well, depending on the room. So for a home to have a focal point is an essential aspect to improve interior design. But it is one of the most common avoided aspects as well. So when you plan an interior design for your home, make sure you have set the right focal point. Now you may have got familiar with what you shouldn’t do in interior designing. Sometimes knowing what needs to be avoided can make things work. For planning a well-thought-out project for your home reach Woodmax interiors, one of the preferred interior designers in
Mangalore, Kasaragod, and Kannur.

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