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15 Interior Design Rules To Follow

15 Essential Interior Design Principles for a Stunning Home: Insights from Top Interior Designers in Kasaragod and Mangalore

  1. Ask yourself about what emotions you like to have to see, how the colours you have picked help you feel that way while you are decorating a room.
  2. To verify anything that suits your room and how you can structure it in the space you have, make a floor plan. And don’t forget to search for the directions and path in between. For two individuals to pass, you need around 90cm. To encourage chairs to be pulled in and out a dining table requires around 1 m all round. When somebody else is sitting down, it would be tight for someone to pass behind. If the table is between them and the entrance, this will matter. Few things like space adjustments should always be a priority.
  3. Add a disruptive shade that makes your heart sing as you pick your paint palette: vivid orange bar stools, a shiny blue lampshade, a neon green pillow will keep it outstanding.
  4. Furniture of poor quality is never alluring and therefore not robust. Look for the city’s best quality furniture, look for a trendy and elegant one that will offer a luxurious look to your home and will not collapse in a short span of time either. If you have old furniture, there are businesses which will have it replaced with furniture removal and they buy new ones that you really deserve.
  5. Always buy the largest rug you can match and afford (don’t forget door clearance). Buy a piece of patterned or simple carpet with a texture and get the edges bound in a matching colour if the budget is tight.
  6. If you’re not sure what proportion of the paint the 60, 30, 10 rule attempts: 60 for the greatest space-probably the walls, 30 for a large piece of furniture and a rug, and 10 for an accent. This does not contain patterns on the subject that can be made up of variations.
  7. Don’t neglect the views of the rooms at which you sit or what you see as you step past a doorway when you decorate one room. Curate such views: all will be pulled together by a well-positioned photograph or a vase on the console.
  8. When it comes to furniture, huge is usually better: big rugs, lamps, vases can often add a feeling of costly comfort to a room.
  9. Anything antique inside any room makes it looks extraordinary. No exceptions exist.
  10. Shapes are almost as important as colours: rooms and furniture are always a collection of squares and rectangles, throwing contrast into several ovals and circles. This is also valid with cushions.
  11. Add an odd thing: do add at least one thing that doesn’t seem to go anywhere, or that is rare.  In a minimalist house, you could have a hand-crocheted rug or a concrete table in a maximalist living room.
  12. Do sparingly use white paint. Do you still wear a white top in your closet with anything in it? For the colour scheme, sometimes another shade might also suit well.
  13. Put in as many textures as you can, especially velvet and linen, carpet and cashmere, silk and cotton if you choose a minimal colour palette. Don’t forget about embroidery and fringing.
  14. To build the illusion of height, use low-profile furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables if you have low ceilings. Low-profile furniture may also be combined with tall slender bookshelves that attract the eye upwards.
  15. Don’t put them too high when it comes to hanging pictures and drawings. They’re meant to have human scales. The ideal height is at the level of the feet, which is about 145cm from the floor to the centre of the photograph.

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