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Interior Design of a Cozy Living Room with a Couch, Chairs, Table, Refrigerator, and a Room Plant in a Corner, featuring Good Lighting by Woodmax Interior Designers in Mangalore

What makes Woodmax, the largest in-home decorating experts in South India

Toying with the possibility of hiring an interior designer for your new place, office, or new refurbishment? Let us help you in making a choice that is wise. Hiring an interior designer in India, owing to the costs involved, has been a privilege so far. But as things change, it is more important than ever to be a professional who can help you build the home of your dreams. If you wonder how crucial it is to have an interior designer on board with your project, here is a small insight on what makes us best.

Woodmax interiors are the best interior design and interior decoration business that provides a wide variety of affordable facilities for interior design. Home furniture, home interior design, kitchen interior design, bathroom interior design, floor interior design, interior and exterior painting, and even office interior decoration are our interior decoration services. We provide not only the company’s professional interior designers but also the finest vast facilities to ensure you work in accordance with all aspects of nature.


We meet the clients to identify their needs and objective. Each housing is indeed a distinct expression of its homeowners. We ensure your house style is in line with your distinct preferences. Anything, from designing furniture to selecting furnishings and lighting, is intended to reflect your sense of design.


Detailed documentation of the project is handed to the client which includes Drawings, specifications, estimated budget, and timeline. This helps us on moving forward in an organized manner. This way client can track the progress themself and plan things accordingly.


Our project team first inspects the locations, physical conditions, and relationships of all necessary building spaces and materials, before confirming or revising the estimated building square feet, total project budget, project plan, and occupancy dates. It’s when we sit down and bring our heads together to come up with ideas and strategies for you and your space. It’s when we set a course despite the fact that we know we have a long way to go.


We make sure that our clients see how their future home will look, or how your product will go into their dream kitchen. With CGI Visualization, We build your dream interior right in front of your eyes. If you’re dissatisfied with the look of your home, Our interior designers are all years to make changes. We can change wall colours or a sofa’s texture as many times as you like until it’s fine. This gives you the ability to design the interior before a single brick is laid. Even, you’ll save money on potentially costly fashion choices that can be reversed later.


When we take up a project we watch each and every steps with building administration service. This will help restrict responsibility, provide answers to concerns when they emerge, shield the project from overzealous code inspectors, and direct the inspection process. this extra eye will help speeding up the construction and speedy delivery.


We design in-house, make furniture at our own manufacturing facility. We have thousands of custom designs generated by our Software for a large number of properties. Our interior decorators have full influence over any phase of residential interior design because woodmax have our own production unit. We create custom Furniture, accessories, showpieces, wall paintings, modern tile flooring, false ceiling designs, TV unit installation, contemporary modern sofa, stylish designer chairs, modern wardrobes installations, wallpapers, book shelves designs, coffee tables, side tables, modular kitchen designs, modular kitchen cabinets, modern bathroom vanity etc. We keep our clients informed at every stage of the project as the best interior design firms in Mangalore, so they can make improvements to the initial designs.

Woodmax Interiors is the king, be it any private, corporate or commercial interior design facilities in South India. Based on your individual preferences and your budget, we deliver personalized design solutions. We have been in the world of interior design and decoration for a long time. It is this abundance of field knowledge that gives us the extra advantage over our rivals. We have a highly productive team of interior design experts who have total solutions for all your interior décor requirements from beginning to execution. For our services, the great thing is that they are all really affordable. We are very strict with our performance quality and still ensure that all our works are completed on schedule.

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