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6 Secret Interior design tips for Better Interior

There’s more to planning your house to make it a home that meets the eye. It’s not always pleasant to get a space together and turn the features such that it’s both efficient and elegant. It also takes a certain kind of eye to design the house so that it becomes a home, where a lot of time to pull a space together and turn its features so that it is both usable and trendy. Each space in your home should have a clear theme, and furniture and accessories should be carefully selected to produce a stunning masterpiece. It’s not only about realistic advice, but also about easy stuff! From how to show things you’ve brought back from your travels to what paint colours fit well in various rooms to the lighting choices offered by blinds and curtains, we’ve got you covered.
You’ve come to the right spot whether you’re redecorating an entire house, sprucing up your bathroom, or looking for a splash of paint to brighten up your space. These handy pointers are not to be ignored if you’re renovating a whole home, sprucing up the bathroom, or adding a splash of colour to freshen up your home.

1. Let in natural light
There is no substitute for natural light. It not only benefits our health and well-being but also affects how the paint colours appear. Finding the right fixture is crucial when it comes to picking illumination for your house. Proper lighting will ruin a well-designed space, so make sure to include lighting in your budget. Windows (for natural light), floor lamps, overhead lights, accent lighting, and white or light-colored walls and furniture are all excellent ways to brighten a dim or cramped area. You must achieve the ideal balance between lighting your room and providing a comfortable space for you and your family to enjoy. Turning to new lighting choices to have the best of all worlds means you can get a contemporary look that is both realistic and stunning.

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2. Invest in design furniture

Make a decision on what furniture you want in your home. Considering the Designer furniture, they only gets better with age, so its well worth investing. Iconic pieces are visually, shapely, and superbly functional and so without a doubt will be the hero piece in every room-scale; a wide space necessarily requires a large sofa and footstool. And small rooms, according to most designers, should have one big statement item, such as a headboard in a bedroom. A pleasing living room can be created by a balance of large and small bits. To make your space look more exciting, give your furniture some breathing room. Allowing furniture to “float” a few centimetres away from the walls,  in your living room, will help establish a conversation set.

3. Map out a gallery wall
A Staple in the interior design repertoire, the gallery wall is an exercise in creativity and balance. Without artwork, no space is full. Artwork can be very cost-effective. Look for sculptures or other wall art that will go with the room’s colour scheme and compliment it. The artwork is also an excellent way to add a splash of colour to a room. Be sure that the artwork in a room is colour or pattern coordinated. Using the same colour frames to bind the artwork together. To make a big collage on the wall, group small paintings together. Creating a deep mood board is a smart idea. A strong architect or interior designer would be able to see past the obvious and figure out what it is in those pictures that appeal to you. You, too, can do it with practice.

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4. Hang curtains high
Curtains can make or break a room. This is the most critical rule for professional-looking, attractive window treatments. Hang the curtains high to give your space a glamorous appearance of extra height. Opt for luxurious fabric, such as velvet, to create an opulent frame for your windows. When hung at the right height above the window, even a budget valance or unlined curtain panel will look well done and professional.

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5. Add atmosphere with mood lightings

You should already be aware that lighting should be specified when discussing interior design concepts. In reality, lighting is never an afterthought when it comes to budgeting. A well-chosen light fixture will drastically alter the look and feel of a room. Don’t be afraid to use a statement piece to show off your style. Even, keep in mind that a dimmer switch allows you to set the right mood at any time. It is no longer all about getting light into a dark room; it also influences the room’s look and sound, as well as our moods. Your creativity is the only limit on what you can do.

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6. Consult a designer
It’s said that there’s a world of difference between a room done by a home decorator and one designed by an interior designer. From balancing each and every element in the space and going supersize for that extra brownie point upscales the design entities. This is the most obvious way to bring up the idea of seeking an interior designer. A seasoned expert committed to assisting you in meeting both of the above goals. To broaden your perspective. Someone who is dedicated to achieving your ambitions or aims and has a keen mind, vast business connections, and thrilling, novel concepts that can have people’s hearts pounding.

Woodmax Interiors has been in the interior design business for several years in South India. The work is amazing because creators consider every detail before beginning the project. We behave in accordance with their clients’ wishes. The outcomes are often above and above what their customers expect at a fair price. So, rather than wasting your valuable time designing, Consult us!

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