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10 tips to style your windows with blinds in Mangalore

10 Expert Tips for Styling Your Windows with Blinds by Top Interior Designers in Mangalore

Apartments in Mangalore are often little in style or flair, as this can lead them to look like a hotel room. It can be hard to make boring apartments to look and feel like home. Therefore, what can be a better way to infuse new energy in our lives than a little makeover of your home interiors.

Like selecting the right furniture and finding a balance between modern and classic, another important aspect while considering interior designing is window treatments especially blinds. They enhance the attractiveness of your home and can drastically change its feel, appearance, and ambiance.

With so many varieties and styles to choose from, it can be a daunting task to incorporate blinds. Here we have got some advice from the leading designers in Mangalore. Vertical blinds are best for large windows. With an easy twisting rod, opening and closing are made easy also to maintain lighting and darkening of the room.

  1.  Roman blinds are stylish due to the use of high-end fabrics. It exudes a luxurious and innovative look for the room. If it matches the color of the room, it blends to give an eye-catchy look.
  2. Club blinds instead of draping the windows with simple fabric curtains, go for a combination of curtains and blinds of contrasting colours in the room. This style enhances the interiors of the living room.
  3. A simple theme of a bedroom gets a style boost with colorful printed blinds.
  4. If the interiors include a lot of wood, opt for pretty colourful floral blinds to make the room appear cheerful.
  5. Animal motif blinds are one of the best options for a kid’s room. As they have vertical openings, the blind can be out of reach from the children.
  6. When you have a beautiful view outside the window, simple strip blinds blend with the mood of enjoying the view.
  7. If your home enjoys a lot of natural light, sheer and opaque blinds go very well and never go out of fashion.
  8. For the basic kitchen window to look instantly stylish, wooden rolling blinds are absolutely perfect.
  9. If your interiors are bright and lively, blinds of sober tones for the windows could balance the effect.
  10. Don’t forget the ceiling: To give the impression that the room is higher and larger, extend your window treatment to the ceiling.

When enfolding various homes with decorating ideas, We provide a most delightful way to design and visualize spaces in your home, on any budget. If you are looking for an expert guide in the field of Interior Design in Mangalore, Woodmax provides an Interior Design Plan through a simplified process, that will create a timeless and beautiful space.

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