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How to Grow Indoor Plants in Kerala

Indoor Plant Care in Kerala: Expert Tips from Top Interior Designers in Kasaragod

Having a tiny bit of greenery in the house is considered wholesome. As more and more people are opting to work from home, maintaining a good environment can only be a benefit for self. Good ventilation, ample lighting, and fresh greenery can improve your mental abilities to work and perform better. Choosing indoor plants in Kerala of your style and requirement can also tend to be a task. Indoor plants are preferred in the modern lifestyle. When a designer designs the interiors, the spaces are reserved for plants in most places. However, plants indoors have some does and once. As this sounds easy, there can be side effects too. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about indoor plants and houseplants.

Let it be a flat or a vast house, there is always room for potted plants, in the living room, kitchen balcony, bedroom anywhere! To the people of Kerala, the traditional Nadumuttam concept is very much celebrated. Having a space especially for placing plants, a good amount of light and air gives a positive feeling towards everyday routine.

Benefit Of Keeping Indoor plants

For decades, individuals have taken plants into residential and other indoor environments, but little is understood about their psychological impact. There are a number of findings on human behavior based on studies including emotional states, pain tolerance, imagination, task-performance, and indices of autonomic arousal, which were discovered to be some effects arising by the presence of plants in the household. Some effects are recurrent, such as increased pain relief, but the results tend to be very mixed in general. Works wonders on many and none on the other hand. The overall positive impact made is higher.

The most commonly told scenario is the toxicity that is absorbed by plants. Having plants incorporated with interior designs has the ability to suck out the toxic air and fill it out with positive and fresh air. However, some poisonous plants can be harmful to the living. Another point to bear in mind is there are many plants sold as ‘indoor plants,’ the general habitat is the outdoor sun. Hence in the tropical region as Kerala choosing the right indoor plants is the key factor. It should be pleasant, beautiful, and beneficial.

Placement of  indoor plants

One feature all of your houseplants have in common. They all need sunlight, but the amount they will need will vary with each plant. Without a second, don’t just put your indoor plants anywhere simply so that plant will blend in with the décor of a certain region in your house.  Think about such things as, What place in my house gets the most sunlight? What way is facing my windows? Where are my thermal heaters? What is approximately the normal temperature in that area of the room etc? Spread the plants across the room to reach the farthest corner, the tallest shelf, a window sill. You attract attention in various directions by spreading the plants away from the center of the room.  This provides an impression of the space being larger.


  • It is important to keep the potting soil moist, but not wet.
  • Ensure that the plant pot has drainage holes in the pot’s bottom
  • Whether it’s natural or artificial, place your plant near a light source.
  • Determine what kind of plant you have so that you can take care of it more precisely.
  • Use fertilizer to supply nutrients.
  • Do not overwater

On average, indoor plants last 2-5 years in the house. Plants stop thriving after that and it’s best to invest in another plant.

Best Indoor Plants in Kerala

For places that have a tropical climate all year the most common plants found are the ones that grow in mid-range climatic conditions, these plants require the lowest maintenance. You do not need a big terrace or balcony: all you need is a little room for these lovely and valuable plants right within your house.

  1. Snake plants
Snake Plant, Sansevieria | Ansel & Ivy - Potted Plants, Delivered








2. Monstera deliciosa

indoor plants in Kerala







3. Hedra helix

Ivy Plant, Hedera helix - Indoor plants

4. Areca Palm

Areca Palm Tree | Indoor plants















5. English Ivy

English Ivy Plant Profile | Indoor plants

6. Aloe Vera

ALOE VERA Potted plant, Aloe - Indoor plants















7. Succulents

Succulents- Indoor plants

8. Spider Plant

spider plant -Indoor plants

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