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When people are looking for a way to divide space, or they’re puzzled about what to do, and you come up with something that is beautiful and flexible and inspiring, you know you’re adding value to that person,” . “There’s an art in the sheer planes that divide the space, and the technology created to make that happen speaks to that function in a totally fluid way. Popular in hospitality applications, Sliding Stacking Parallel allows the panels to slide straight. Favored for meeting rooms, Sliding Stacking Perpendicular boasts the ability to stack and store numerous panels’ perpendicular to the track run. Both can be specified to turn a corner or incorporate a pivot door. And since the number of panels is practically unlimited, the system can enclose anything from a home office to a banquet hall. While free-form designs have been gaining in momentum, we predict that this is the year the motif hits a fever pitch. Organic shapes are showing up on everything from bath mats to candles. Woodmax interiors optimize your space into best home design.Woodmax interiors best home