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A wardrobe is the most important part of your bedroom. It double ups the focal point. Hence, they deserve a lot of attention throughout their design. Usually, wardrobes are considered for storage purposes. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or hallway, let’s make it more classy and chic using the best type of finishes available in the market. Choosing the right finishes plays a vital role in your bedroom theme. We should know about its aesthetic and materials used on the wardrobe’s inner and outside. Here is a list of the 6 best finishes for your wardrobe/cabinet.

Let’s get started.

1. Veneer

The popular one among all the finishes is made up of thin layers of actual wood such as teak or mahogany. It is the most economical option to add beauty to your wardrobe. It gives a natural warmth and feels like solid wood. A veneer comes in a variety of designs. It’s very durable and can be polished to give a fresh and new look after years of use.

2. Mirror

Nowadays mirror finishes are gaining popularity quickly in the modern wardrobe. Mirrors are the best option for small rooms as they reflect light and make your room appear more spacious than it is. They can be functional in two ways. You could use it for dressing up and also as a coating for your wardrobe. It also negates the need for another mirror in the room. It’s an ideal option for homes with smaller bedrooms. It’s available in a wide range of shapes and styles to fit any theme and decor style. It’s easy to maintain, just what you need is a glass cleaner and soft cloth to get rid of the smudges and fingerprints.

3. Laminate

Another popular choice in the market is laminate finish, as it gives your wardrobe the wood finish without being heavy on the pocket. It comes in every range of color, design, and textures including matte and glossy. It is scratch-resistant and easy to clean and durable, making it ideal for everyday use. These wardrobes can look versatile in appearance since laminate can impersonate the look of metal, wood, Duco paint, and other patterns. Hence it is one of the most stylish yet affordable finishing materials for your wardrobe.

4. Glass

A glass wardrobe adds a sense of lightness to the composition of the room. It goes well with the contemporary themed bedroom. Glass can be clear, opaque, tinted, frosted, or lacquered glass. One thing that should be noted when you are using clear glass is that you have to neatly place the clothes and accessories or else the complete room would start looking messy. It is easy to clean and low on maintenance. The glossy finish of the glass gives a modern look to your entire bedroom.

5. Lacquer or PU Paint

One of the best ways if you want to paint your wardrobe. These paints come in a large variety of colors which gives a glossy finish to your wardrobe. It is extremely durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. High sheen finish of glass suits any style of design, from contemporary to traditional.

6. Acrylic

The high gloss finish of acrylic finish gives the wardrobe a smooth, subtle, and luxurious appearance. It’s a nontoxic material and can make your room seem brighter and more spacious than it actually is. It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. If you are looking for a sliding wardrobe in your room, acrylic is the best option since it doesn’t fade away, is very durable, and is easy to maintain.

So this is our take on some of the classy and chic wardrobe finishes, apart from this there are many you would explore. Choose the best one that suits the wardrobe of your dreams. Go ahead and make a smart choice.